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SparkSTEM's Virtual Science Fair Winners!

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

A big congratulations to all the incredible young scientists who won awards at our virtual science fair! Thank you to all who participated!

Shriya Bhat - Senior Division 1st Place

Project: Combating Bacterial Biofilm II: Generating a Non-toxic, Multi-pathway Targeted Cocktail Treatment Composed of NAcetylcysteine, Carvacrol, and DNase to Inhibit Pseudomonas Biofilm Proliferation In Vitro

Alexa Ernce - Senior Division 2nd Place

Project: Comparing in vitro 2D monolayers and 3D spheroid cell culture model enzyme expression of matrix metalloproteinases 14 (MMP-14)

Paridhi Latawa - Senior Division 3rd Place

Project: Identification of Synovial Tissue-based Biomarkers for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Prisha Bhat - Junior Division 1st Place

Project: Phytoremediation: An Affordable, Non-Toxic Approach For Extracting Heavy Metals from Soil, Using Hyperaccumulators with Chelating Agents In-Situ

Paul Kiesling - Junior Division 2nd Place

Project: Modeling comets’ orbits and identifying related parameters which could increase the probability of comets collision with Earth

Lena Doan - Junior Division 3rd Place

Project: Rocket Turbine Energy

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