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$2500 Donation to Gill Children’s Service

SparkSTEM leadership meeting virtually with Peyton Salavarria Lehrer of Gill Children’s Service

With funds raised from our 2021 and 2022 summer and fall programming lessons, SparkSTEM reached out to make a $2500 donation to Gill Children’s Service, a Tarrant County-Based nonprofit dedicated to providing last-resort funding to children in need.

Gill Children’s Service provides monetary grants for dental procedures, prescriptions, summer school tuition, and special therapy or equipment for children in low-income families. Gill Children’s Service serves an essential role for Tarrant county children who are unable to benefit from other community resources.

Our donation stays in keeping with our mission to serve young people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and we hope to continue to support Gill Children’s Service in the future.

You can learn more about Gill Children’s Service and how to support them at their website:

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