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$2,000 Donation to North Texas Food Bank & Minnie's Food Pantry

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

In order to help provide aid to families affected by winter storm Uri, this weekend SparkSTEM donated $1,000 to the North Texas Food Bank and $1,000 to Minnie’s Food Pantry. These donations will provide 6,000 meals for our community!

North Texas Food Bank

The North Texas Food Bank is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit hunger relief organization that distributes donated and purchased foods through a network of agencies in 13 counties in the North Texas area NTFB is also a member of the Mass Care Task Force, a partnership between local chapters of the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Volunteer Center of North Texas which serves to provide humanitarian need and disaster-related services during major disasters. NTFB provides food and beverages during the initial days of response.

SparkSTEM's donation will provide 3000 meals for families in need!

Minnie's Food Pantry

Minnie's Food Pantry is a Plano-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides numerous programs that help families gain long-term food security and access to fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income families. Minnie's Food Pantry has four locations in Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania, and since its founding in 2008, has provided over 15 million healthy meals to families in need.

SparkSTEM's donation will provide 3000 meals for families in need!

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