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Summer Programming Classes

Registration is open June 18 - July 30, 2022



  • 100% of our proceeds are donated to local charities in the North Texas area, and team members take no pay

  • Our curriculum is specialized to ensure that students are staying engaged and having fun while learning

  • Our instructors are fully committed to helping every single student, with free office hours and meeting recordings available to any student

Intro to Machine Learning

*Note: the offering of Scratch is subject to demand. If we do not meet registration requirements by March 3rd, we will refund your payment to the full amount.*


This Course covers introductory topics in both supervised and unsupervised learning. Students will learn to build their own machine learning models using common python ML libraries to create decision trees, perform cluster analysis, image classification, and more. Prior knowledge of python is recommended.

to Python

SparkSTEM’s Introduction to Python course covers the basics of programming through Python. The course will focus on concepts such as variables, data types, conditionals, loops, functions, and object-oriented programming. Instructors will initiate a systematic and methodical approach to problem-solving which will encourage students to develop their own logical thinking skills and creativity while also guiding them through the process of design. Students will master the fundamental concepts of Python and receive a strong foundation for systematic thinking.

Intro to Competitive Programming

This course will introduce the basics of competitive programming in java. Students will learn common techniques for approaching competition problems. The course will progress in difficulty, ultimately preparing students to take on USACO bronze-level problems. Prior knowledge of java is recommended.


"The class was a lot of fun! It taught me all the basics of coding, and I feel like I am ready to learn another coding language. At first, I was nervous about the class, but I enjoyed it a lot and found myself coding in my free time!"

Summer Programming Classes Attendee (Python)

This has been a wonderful coding class. I have learned so much these past 4 weeks and the environment has been warm and inviting. This class is the perfect mix of fun games and coding projects! I would definitely recommend this Scratch class to kids who are just getting introduced to coding.

-  Summer Programming Classes Attendee (Scratch)

This was such an awesome class! I learned all the fundamentals about Scratch and was able to create some really cool games! I had fun and overall this was one of my favorite classes I've ever attended!

Summer Programming Classes Attendee (Scratch)

I had a great time working through the problems, and the teachers are very clear and concise. You can tell they are personable people, and they care about the students. They are very understanding for time conflicts and are very inclusive.

- Danush Govindu, Summer Programming Classes Attendee (Python)

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